I. Proposals for Articles to be Submittted by Your Laboratory

Although authors may submit articles for consideration by Organic Syntheses without prior discussion with the Editorial Office, the Board of Editors encourages authors of potential articles to first submit a proposal that outlines the utility and/or importance of the subject of the proposed article. The Board of Editors will then determine whether or not to issue an invitation for submission of a corresponding article (procedure). Prior communication with the Board of Editors via submission of such a proposal provides the opportunity for authors to receive feedback from the Board of Editors prior to the investment of the time and resources required for the preparation of a fully detailed article (procedure).

An Organic Syntheses Proposal should be submitted via the "Propose an Article" page under the "Submission" tab on the website and should include the following sections:

  • Discussion of the utility of the methodology and/or the usefulness of the product that is proposed as the subject of the article.
  • The best current alternatives should be identified and referenced.
  • For each step of the proposed procedure, indicate the proposed scale, anticipated yield, method of isolation and purification, and how the purity of the product is determined.
  • Describe any unusual apparatus or techniques that are required.
  • Identify any special hazards associated with the procedures.
  • The source of starting materials should be identified.
  • Copies of relevant publications should be submitted.

II. Suggesting the Subject for an Article to be Submittted by Another Laboratory

Organic Syntheses welcomes suggestions from the community on chemistry from other laboratories that at present is not adequately covered in Organic Syntheses. In the case of those proposed subjects approved by the Board of Editors, the authors suggested in the proposal will be invited to submit an article to the journal.

Proposals by members of the community should be 1-2 pages in length and should be prepared following the instructions outlined below.

The proposals should be submitted via the "Suggest a Subject for an Article" page under the "Submission" tab on the OrgSyn website and must include the following sections, in the indicated order:

  • Name of the scientist from another laboratory who is suggested as author of the proposed article, their affiliation (university or company name), and email address.
  • Descriptive potential title for the proposed article.
  • Literature references to relevant chemistry by the laboratory of the proposed author.
  • A concise discussion describing the subject of the proposed article and explaining why the chemistry is interesting and appropriate for Organic Syntheses. This section should include one or more reaction schemes and/or tables, which often can most conveniently be just electronically cut and pasted from previous publications of the proposed authors.
  • PDF versions of relevant publications should be uploaded on the proposal page and generally should include excerpts from Supporting Information providing experimental procedures for reactions similar to those proposed for the Organic Syntheses article.