As a non-profit 501(c) 3 corporation, the mission of Organic Syntheses Inc. includes the support of research and education in organic chemistry through fellowships, lectureships, conferences, workshops, research grants, and an international award, the Roger Adams Award in Organic Chemistry, administered by the American Chemical Society. The Board of Directors of Organic Syntheses, Inc. makes all decisions concerning philanthropy and unsolicited requests for support are not considered.

The following are current and previous programs that have been supported by Organic Syntheses, Inc.

  • Organic Syntheses provides open access at no charge to the complete and fully searchable Org Syn journal website (orgsyn.org) as well as a mobile app version of the journal for both iOS and Android users
  • Organic Syntheses Lectureships are funded at a number of chemistry departments in the United States and abroad. This program began in 1982 and lectureships have been awarded to more than 70 institutions.
  • Organic Syntheses, Inc. funds a summer grant program for faculty at principally undergraduate institutions (https://www.orgsyn.org/ospuigrants.aspx).
  • In 2019, Organic Syntheses, Inc began sponsoring an annual Workshop on Synthetic Organic Chemistry for young investigators (https://www.orgsyn.org/osworkshop.aspx).
  • Organic Syntheses, Inc. has provided funding for the Roger Adams Award of the American Chemical Society (https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/funding-and-awards/awards/national/bytopic/roger-adams-award-in-organic-chemistry.html) since 1959.
  • Organic Syntheses, Inc has provided funding for various programs of the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry (DOC). Softcover copies of Organic Syntheses annual volumes 62 (1984) to 86 (2009) were distributed free of charge to members of DOC as well as members of several foreign chemical societies. Approximately 20,000 paperback copies were printed and distributed per year. During the period 1994-2015, Organic Syntheses, Inc. provided funding for more than 40 DOC Graduate Fellowships. Since 2016, Organic Syntheses, Inc. has been a supporter of the DOC Graduate Research Symposium.
  • Organic Syntheses, Inc provides funding for several Gordon Research Conferences in fields related to synthetic organic chemistry.
  • In 2004, Organic Syntheses made a special award to the University of Notre Dame to establish the Jeremiah P. Freeman Lectureship in recognition of 25 years of service by Professor Freeman as Secretary of Organic Syntheses, Inc.
  • Organic Syntheses, Inc. established the “Carl R. Johnson Organic Syntheses Endowed Lecture” at Wayne State University in 2023. This gift was made to recognize Carl Johnson’s many important contributions as a member of the Board of Editors and Board of Directors of Organic Syntheses, Inc.
  • Organic Syntheses, Inc. is a strong supporter in the advancement of diversity and inclusion and since 2021 has provided annual funding to support the Empowering Women in Organic Chemistry (EWOC) Conference (https://ewochem.org/).