A Publication
of Reliable Methods
for the Preparation
of Organic Compounds
Annual Volume
Volume 93 (2016)
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Intermolecular [2+2] Cycloaddition of Alkynes with Alkenes Catalyzed by Gold(I)
M. Elena de Orbe, and Antonio M. Echavarren
Org. Synth. 2016, 93, 115
DOI: 10.15227/orgsyn.093.0115
Checked by: Giulia Rusconi, Estíbaliz Merino and Cristina Nevado

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Synthesis of 1-Bromopyrene and 1-Pyrenecarbaldehyde
Matthias Schulze, Alexander Scherer, Colin Diner, and Rik R. Tykwinski
Org. Synth. 2016, 93, 100
DOI: 10.15227/orgsyn.093.0100
Checked by: Jeffrey D. Mighion and Huw M. L. Davies

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Enantioselective Synthesis of α-Bromonitroalkanes for Umpolung Amide Synthesis: Preparation of tert-Butyl ((1R)-1-(4-(benzyloxy)phenyl)-2-bromo-2-nitroethyl)carbamate
Victoria T. Lim, Sergey V. Tsukanov, Amanda B. Stephens and Jeffrey N. Johnston
Org. Synth. 2016, 93, 88
DOI: 10.15227/orgsyn.093.0088
Checked by: Fabian Konrad, Estíbaliz Merino and Cristina Nevado

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Enantioselective Synthesis of α,α-Disubstituted Lactones via a Chiral Brønsted Acid Catalyzed Intramolecular Cyclization
Jennifer E. Wilent, Ghassan Qabaja, and Kimberly S. Petersen
Org. Synth. 2016, 93, 75
DOI: 10.15227/orgsyn.093.0075
Checked by: Bo Qu and Chris H. Senanayake

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Trichloroboron-promoted Deprotection of Phenolic Benzyl Ether Using Pentamethylbenzene as a Non Lewis-Basic Cation Scavenger
Shun Okaya, Keiichiro Okuyama, Kentaro Okano, and Hidetoshi Tokuyama
Org. Synth. 2016, 93, 63
DOI: 10.15227/orgsyn.093.0063
Checked by: Brandon Nelson, Nicholas Garcia, and Mohammad Movassaghi

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Nickel-Catalyzed Synthesis of Ketones from Alkyl Halides and Acid Chlorides: Preparation of Ethyl 4-Oxododecanoate
Alexander C. Wotal, Donald C. Batesky, and Daniel J. Weix
Org. Synth. 2016, 93, 50
DOI: 10.15227/orgsyn.093.0050
Checked by: Yongda Zhang and Chris H. Senanayake

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Erratum for: Titanium-Mediated Addition of Silyl Dienol Ethers to Electrophilic Glycine: 4-Ketopipecolic Acid Hydrochloride
Clarisse Mühlemann, Peter Hartmann, and Jean-Pierre Obrecht
Org. Synth. 2016, 93, 37
DOI: 10.15227/orgsyn.093.0037
Original Article: Org. Synth. 1993, 71, 200

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Synthesis of 5-(Hydroxymethyl)furfural (HMF)
Svilen P. Simeonov, Jaime A. S. Coelho and Carlos A. M. Afonso
Org. Synth. 2016, 93, 29
DOI: 10.15227/orgsyn.093.0029
Checked by: Mengyang Fan and Dawei Ma

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Preparation of 2-(2-(Dicyclohexylphosphino)phenyl)-1-methyl-1H-indole (CM-phos)
Shun Man Wong, On Ying Yuen, Pui Ying Choy, Chau Ming So, and Fuk Yee Kwong
Org. Synth. 2016, 93, 14
DOI: 10.15227/orgsyn.093.0014
Checked by: Takumi Fukazawa and Keisuke Suzuki

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DIBALH-Mediated Reductive Ring-Expansion Reaction of Cyclic Ketoxime
Taku Imaizumi, Kentaro Okano, and Hidetoshi Tokuyama
Org. Synth. 2016, 93, 1
DOI: 10.15227/orgsyn.093.0001
Checked by: Lang-Tin Xu and Dawei Ma

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